by Claire Fallon

Down in Miami, Florida, there is a section of the city that is truly unique. Wynwood is basically an outdoor museum filled with colorful and vibrant murals which are painted on almost every single wall available.  Most of the murals on the walls are created by some of the world’s best known street artists, like Oscar Montes, Chor Boogie, and Darin Bischof. They made the Wynwood Art District exciting and full of life with their wall murals. As soon as you step into the district, you will NOT want to leave. But, not everybody can find the time to hop on a plane and fly down to Miami to see these amazing artworks. Over spring break, I went down to Miami and took A LOT of pictures. The experience of walking around Wynwood was unimaginably cool, and I want to share that with the students of HB who might not get to see the magical district.