By: Eleanor Clements

Q: What inspired you to draw this?

I do things without thinking. I made this at the beginning of the year when I was still learning about abstract art so I wanted to just “make art”.

Q: Was there anything specific?

Not really I just painted and it happened.

Q: How do you feel about the colors?

I really really like the colors. J Mo told me to paint the background red and I hated red. I wanted the background to be blue because I love blue, I wear blue, and it just seemed like the better choice. But after this painting I really liked the red because it doesn’t draw attention away from the other colors but it makes for a strong background that stands out. After this painting I started using a lot more red so I’m glad J Mo suggested it.

Q: Did you do this all on your own?

Yeah the painting was all on my own but I’ve googled other famous abstract artists that have been sort of inspiring.

Q: Were you aware of the heavy competition for this year?

Some of my friends told me but I never really guessed how intense it was. Although I never figured it would be me that would be chosen. They said it was really competitive and that kind of scared me but I had no expectations.

Q: When did you find out that you were the cover artist?

In morning meeting with everyone else! I was really excited to be chosen and I can’t wait to see my art on a cake!!