by Claire Adornato

School can be overwhelming sometimes, and on top of that is family and friends too.There is just so much stuff going on and so much to do. And let’s be honest it is so much easier to get things done when you’re organized. However, being organized takes some effort at first, but once you get in the mode it’s easy to follow from there. Here are some useful tips for you to get organized.


  • Make a List


Write everything done from your chores to homework! Write it down on something you have with you most of the time like a phone, computer, or planner. It sounds so simple, but helps so much when you can clearly see everything you need to do for the day or week. It helps you divide your time in order to get everything done, and there’s no better feeling than crossing something off your list. Once you start to do this everyday you’ll see how much it helps you stay organized!


  • Spend 5 Minutes a Day Cleaning


It seems like such little time, but makes such a big difference. This will prevent your room or folders from being cluttered. It’s much better to spend five minutes a day than an hour or two one day. This will just became apart of your daily schedule and seriously helps so much, whether its hanging your clothes from the morning or going through a school folder to get rid of old papers.


  • Give Each Class a Different Folder or Color


Most people already do this, but those who don’t definitely need to try it out! You will be able to find all of your work way easier than flipping through a bunch of papers. If you’re in a rush you can easily put your work in the right folder or binder rather than shoving it into a random spot. This will help you stay organized throughout the whole year!


  • Pick Your Outfit and Pack Your Bag the Night Before


While this seems so simple, it is for sure a must to stay organized! We always tell ourselves that in the morning we need to grab this and that, but of course our tired minds always forget. So to save time in the morning and to make sure you have everything you need, just take five to ten minutes each night to pack your bag and pick your outfit the night before. You can sleep in an extra couple of minutes too since you don’t have to worry about forgetting something or picking your outfit.


  • Plan Ahead


This is so essential to get organized. Think about the rest of your week, whether you are getting home late one day or have two tests another day. You can get ahead on your work knowing that you want to spend the night only studying for your tests, or will just have a lot of homework one night too. This will actually help so much. You will be able to divide your time to fit your schedule better.

       This tips will definitely help you get organized and most importantly stay organized! Once you start doing these everyday they will just naturally become apart of your daily schedule. They are definitely worth a try!