by Cate Engles

Since we are approaching the final stretch of the year
I have made my return to acknowledge our senior peers
The flowers are starting to bloom, and the temperature is rising
So let’s get down to business before the senior class does some downsizing

Champions once again at the Tennis State Tourney
Their hard work payed off, for they had a successful journey
Our teams raised money for a hurricane that came one day
And XC did it with a car wash that mixed work with play

Homecoming came around, and the seniors got everyone to go
You had to see their entrance—it was full of tie-dye and disco
There’s nothing like half a gym and breath-a-lyzers when you arrive
And not to mention the water to make sure everyone is “Stayin’ Alive”

When all the leaves were gone and the air became quite cold
They got us to winter break, and left us with their voices of gold
While most of us were buying gifts and relieving our stress
The winter teams stayed and practice –I don’t think they ever rest

Fortunately, the winter break’s hard work was well worth it
The swimmers were state runners up with the help of school spirit
Our senior leaders are not only found on the field or in the pool
But in the courtyard leading a rally that protested guns in schools

Not only are our seniors brave, strong, and smart
But they are creative too, and do things only from the heart
This is proven in their ideas for Carnival that keep on coming
Cycle classes, pizza sales, and t-shirts that are stunning

I saw that the map has been mounted on the main corridor wall
And push-pins have been placed, covering it all
I know that they are ready for their thesis to be printed
But I can’t help and think how much we will miss them

May is arriving sooner than you think
So hug all your seniors, they will be gone in a blink
We still have their pranks, their pool plunge, and more
But appreciate your time with these seniors, before they are out the door

Posted by:hbinretrospect

Reporting not for school, but for life.

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