By: Grace Beedles and Kate Aris

HB always likes to keep up with trends and even start some of their own. Most of the trends are cool and fun, others are just questionable. Here are HB trends you may want to ditch:



HB love overpriced water bottles just because they are trendy. If you like to brag about keeping hot things hot and cold things cold, buy a thermos. There are plenty of water bottles that do the same thing for less.

Longchamp bags


Longchamp bags just seem to be an cold that HB can’t shape. People love toting around their over-priced leather bags that they use as a purse or for clothes. Why pay hundreds of dollars for bag, when a basic ziploc bag, simple purse or bookbag serve the same purpose and cost significantly less. The bag doesn’t have cool designs like Vera Bradley or Northface.

Socks in Birks

3.pngI guess early in the morning , people are exhausted and forget that we live in Cleveland, Ohio (the city of endless winter). Birkenstocks are a practical pair of SPRING and SUMMER shoes. There is a reason they sell closed toed shoes and that reason is to keep your feat warm. Maybe invest in a pair?



4.pngAre we stuck in the 80s? Are scrunchies better for your hair? The world may never know! There is honestly nothing wrong with scrunchies but why are HB girls the only ones wearing them?



From Wranglers to Land Rovers, it seems as if everyone and their mothers own an SUV. The two biggest critiques of this terrible trend are:

  1. SUVs are typically way worse for the environment. Using all of that gas to drive back and forth from HB to Starbucks to home, really is killing the planet, one fill up at a time.
  2. WE HAVE A PARKING PROBLEM!!! I don’t know if you noticed but it is hard to fit everyone’s cars around the school. Plus, the average HB girl doesn’t carpool and is not 6’3” so why do you need all of that room in the car to begin with?


Fjall Raven Kanken Backpack


Despite the fact that HB students use a lot supplies for their classes and receive too many papers, people still think its a good idea to carry around a encyclopedia sized book-bag around school. One would think that students would like carry more than 3 books to class and maybe a pencil case if you’re lucky to class. In addition, where do you put your waterbottle? Dehydration maybe be making this list next year, if these bookbags continue to proliferate among the student body

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