By: Linda Yu

What do you do with an excess of homework and an utter lack of motivation? Procrastinate, of course! But, as adults love to remind us, with procrastination comes stress. So the real question is, what can you do to relieve your stress? And the real answer is: go outside and enjoy nature on certain Tuesdays by eating lunch during X, meeting at 12:40 in front of the reception room, and hiking with other students to Horseshoe Pond and back. (Note the specificity of this answer, and use it for future reference when answering Women in World History questions.)

Writer, you may ask, why on earth would I want to go on a hike during X and lunch? Dear Reader, here are some reasons:

  1. You can finally breathe some air outdoors.
  2. You can eat lunch early.
  3. Bring your friends, and chat on the way.
  4. Look at random pretty houses on the way.
  5. The shortcut through the mini-woods is really cool.
  6. Climb the giant spider-web ropes thing.
  7. Watch others climb the spider-web ropes thing.

Writer, you may be thinking, why are there only 7 items on this list? Why not a nice even number like 10? And reader, that is a very good question. The last three reasons you get to decide for yourself, when one day you go on a hike and see for yourself.

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Reporting not for school, but for life.

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