by Tyler Sobolewski

As the slew of long weekends and spring break is behind us, and the promise of weeks on end with no breaks approaches, many are starting to burn out. You could procrastinate by doing something productive like, say learn a new language or play an instrument, but why do that when you can watch NetflixTM!


We all know about the main shows like Riverdale or Supernatural, but if you are a full time procrastinator, you’ve already seen all of those and are looking for something new. I have a brief list of some underrated Netflix (and occasionally other medias) shows that you’ve probably heard of and maybe already watched, but here you go.


Disclaimer: These are in no particular order


  1. Broadchurch

This 2013 tv show has a lot going for it. Two words: British and David Tennant. (Okay, I guess 3 words… 4?). This show was really popular in Britain, but I never hear too much about it in America. Not only is David Tennant in it (mostly known as the 10th Doctor), but so are Jodie Whittaker (13th Doctor) and David Bradley (Filch from Harry Potter).

It is also great for procrastinating since there is not a huge fandom that you will ruin your life with for a month.



  1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

If you like seeing badass people surprising everyone with their awesome talent and hidden life, or if you’re generally interested in all things paranormal, then this show is for you. Buffy was practically the predecessor for Veronica Mars as well, so if you like that show, you’ll probably like this older one. It is a little outdated and was removed from Netflix last spring, but I think this show deserves a come back. It is still on Hulu if you have it.



  1. The Office

Everyone knows the american remake of The Office, but where’s the love for the original UK version? For a start, I personally love this one better than the US version. If UK version is not incentive enough to watch it, then how about Martin Freeman’s classic looks? I definitely recommend this show to you, but be warned: it’s slightly more crude than the US version.



So have fun procrastinating and ruining the grades that you worked so hard on this semester, because we all know you will. Have a great last part of the year and Happy Finals!