By Bailey Sparacia

Elizabeth Swaney, who is from the US, competed for Hungary in the Olympics for the skiing halfpipe. Since she had heritage from her great grandparents, she was allowed to compete. There are two requirements to compete in the Olympics. You have to be in the Top 30 at the World Cup for skiing, and you have to have enough FIS points. There are not even 30 women in the world cup events, so it was easy for her to fill that requirement. She competed over the years to gain enough points as well. Her goal was to stay upright and not fall, which worked since she did not end up last in some of the competitions. She made it to the Olympics and competed with the World’s best. She was upset that she did not make it to the finals, but her highest score was a 31.40. The next lowest score was a 45. The lowest qualifying score was a 72.80. In short, her odds to make the finals were slim. If you want to see her amazing, talented, full of skill run, see the link below.