by Sydney Deegan

It feels like yesterday we were attending our first day of school as freshmen bringing our backpacks into lunch and having absolutely no clue what we were doing. We would talk with friends about how “when we’re juniors we’ll sit on the bottom level of the auditorium” or “when we’re seniors we’ll leave during the day just because we can.” And yet it’s junior year already. I remember seniors telling me when I was a freshman that high school flies by and that I should enjoy every moment. I never really realized how true this was until this year, when I realized I only had a year and a half left with my best friends.

So yes, junior year is hard, for all of you underclassman that are wondering. We have been through the worst and the best this past semester taking a leap from sophomore to junior year. The intensity picked up, the classes got harder, but the scariest part of all, we had to start looking at colleges. College is a concept you always think about as being far off in the future and a step in your life you won’t have to take for a while, but it’s here! I for one am already behind on turning things into the college office. But still, it can be intimidating yet exciting to know that we will be in control of the next 4 years of our lives.