by Kalie Sommerfeld


After two years away from the hallowed halls of Hathaway Brown, Mr. Christ tired of golfing, traveling, and running after grandchildren has contacted Dr. Bisselle about making a return to the Hath.

“We can’t imagine a better opportunity than to welcome such a beloved member of our community back to the school,” says Head of School.

“His talents will be so well used in his new role,” says Associate Head of School.

Mr. Bill Christ was Head of School at Hathaway Brown for nearly thirty years, growing the school in ways unimaginable in Cleveland, Ohio. After deciding to retire at the end the 2015-2016 school year, Mr. Christ has spent his days reading Shakespeare, playing with grandchildren, and golfing. However, he missed the intellectual community and extreme energy surrounding Hathaway Brown School. In January 2018, he approached Dr. Bisselle about making a return to his beloved school. He knew exactly what position he would like to hold. This position would benefit the entire community and help him ease into full retirement.

The plan was put into motion, and students, faculty, and parents should expect to see Mr. Christ on campus again early next school year as he assumes his new role as Head of Shakespeare Education.

“I can’t wait to return to the beloved classrooms at Hathaway Brown and pick up teaching my favorite subject again as it is a great passion of mine. All students can benefit from the work of Shakespeare and I look forward to stepping into class at the beginning of those units.”

The entire Hathaway Brown Community can’t wait to welcome him back!