CSI Sukhmani- The True Senate Uncovered

by Sukhmani Kaur

Everyone always suspected it. Nobody could find any concrete evidence, but everyone knew something was wrong. Yes, I am talking about the HB Senate.

There was something… “off”… about this year’s senate. They seemed so nervous when making morning meeting announcements and had many microphone issues during the Talent Show. They didn’t even show the videos the juniors made for the seniors during Show the Love (even though there was enough time for it)!

It was not until last week when a student on Senate came to Retrospect, promising to expose the Senate’s true actions if granted immunity from punishment for breaking the school’s rules. Tears were dripping down her face as she attempted to relay her experience to me.

“I saw it with my own eyes! They ‘stuffed the bus’ back in November with, with EMPTY cans.”

My heart sank. I did not want to believe what I was about to hear. I love my school; I don’t want anyone to think lowly of it. Hearing something like what you’re about to learn made me feel like I never actually knew my own school.

However, as a reporter, I knew that the truth has to be told to the public no matter how difficult it is to swallow.

As everyone knows, Stuff the Bus is one of the most important service projects that takes place at HB. Helen Sun, sophomore co-president, was ecstatic to help run an event that is held to such a high standard within the community. Overwhelmed with enthusiasm after watching last year’s Stuff the Bus video and Ally Persky’s raving success, she reached school at exactly 7:10 am to collect cans.

After a morning filled with can stuffing, Helen headed inside for school. She had a rather eventless day until she nearly missed her early dismissal – Ms. Mietus would not let her leave class until she had played her tenor sax solo at least ten times – to go to the Food Bank. When permitted, Helen rushed to the bus and saw the rest of Senate huddled over in a suspicious manner; it was as if they were blocking something. Courtney and Jessica were rapidly throwing cylindrical shaped containers into the boxes at the back of the bus. No, they weren’t cans of food- just silver, empty cans. Cans that would just serve a purpose to add weight and stock for the annual Stuff the Bus picture. It’s peculiar how we ended up not seeing the photo anyways…

I vividly remember how hard it was for Helen to tell me who masterminded this act. Helen reached for her phone, opened up Instagram, and pointed at a girl next to her in the photo.


ISHA LELE. I couldn’t believe it! I must have been so hard for Helen to keep the secret. Gosh, making Isha Lele’s instagram is like making a celebrity’s instagram! A dream in all of our eyes. For Helen though, the post along with the friendliness and loud “Isha!” or “Helen!” shouts in the hall was just Isha’s cover. When Helen had confronted Isha about the illegal can stuffing, Isha threatened to get her kicked off Senate. Helen promised to not tell after feeling threatened by the intimidating senior. Isha however didn’t believe her and made sure to scare Helen by tactics including only playing part of Helen’s HB Senior Night Swimming video she worked oh so hard to make. Isha had promised her she would play it during morning meeting in its entirety, but Isha proclaimed the words “have a good day!” too soon for their compromise to follow through.

But that wasn’t the only reason Helen decided to bring light on the truth…

Apparently word had it that the senate was supposed to have a debate with selected HB teachers at the Talent Show this year. Archer felt her singing was more important so she proposed they cut the act. Although Helen wanted to keep the act, Isha decided to cut it and all Helen’s hard work came to a crashing end.

“I just wanted to make my debut on stage, but CLEARLY Isha just pretended to be my friend. She just wanted the Talent Show stage to herself. What an ego,” she scoffed.

Due to this incredulous outrage and student uproar, the deans will be meeting to decide the fate of the HB Senate when break is over. It would be terrible to see our only student power usurped from the people themselves.

Updates to come.