by Maggie Amjad

Fall of 2018 the Hath will be welcoming their first co-ed high school class. Majority of the males in the class will be coming from University School. The sophomore, junior and senior classes will all receive prior University School students as well. This comes as a direct result of University School’s struggle to find a head of school who lasts more than a year.

Changes to expect include more jeep wranglers around campus and much less parking. Additionally, school colors will be changing to brown and maroon. Make sure to refer to HB by its new name, University School Brown, or USB for short. The mascot will be a prepper (whatever that is) dressed in a blazer.

Class offerings will remain the same but expect most classes to have 40 students instead of 20. As a result, there won’t be enough chairs, so get to class early, share a seat, or sit on the floor, however sitting in a cute boy’s lap is not permitted. Additionally, since there will be a shortage of lockers, students will have to share. Up to three will be expected to share a single space. Seats in the auditorium will be scarce as well. If you get to morning meeting late and cannot find a seat, please sit in the aisle. This may seem like a fire hazard, but as long no one tells the fire department, we are in the clear.

Uniforms will be instituted too. They will consist of a maroon kilt or khaki pants with a brown blouse and blazer. Leggings and sweatpants still will not be acceptable, though the class of 2021 will definitely still try to wear them. No changes will be made to lunch timing or the amount of food made. Good luck braving the cafeteria with 400 starving teenage boys.

The good news is that all these changes will allow the performing arts to remain at their already reduced size!