by Zuha Jaffar

 Each season has its perks. Summer is packed with relaxation and nostalgia. It’s when people bask in the searing heat, but cool down in pools and oceans, where popsicles make every piece of furniture sticky. All of the days are spent with friends or family, creating life-lasting memories. There aren’t any consequences to whatever you’re doing. When the leaves change in autumn, the new ranges of vibrant colors signal the end of a year. The weather is perfect, and it’s the start of a ton of holidays. Finally, during winter, snow blankets everything that was dying underneath in the last season. The cold sharpens your senses, and the lights twinkling brighten the darkness.  

But spring is a symbol of something new, it is a rebirth. It is the warmth that comes after the cold, and it’s filled with elation. The way I see it, spring has many aspects, the first being rain. Instead being an inconvenience, rain is there to wash away all of the dirt and withered plants to ultimately leave behind something to improve. Along with rain, comes the storms. I’ve never been scared of thunder. Ever since I was little, I loved listening to storms, and watching the sky change colors. Rain beats down on the roof, and wind howls, piercing your ears. But this leads to the second aspect of spring, the flowers. Fall isn’t the only season that is a blur of colors. Almost every houses’ front yard is lined with an array of flowers, colors brightening the dreary grass. The sunlight is another quality comes from spring. It stares you right in the face, and shines through trees. It elevates everyone’s mood, and is a screaming reminder to try and stay positive. The light dances around, as if it is celebrating being able to glitter. Finally, it is the transition to summer, and marks the end of a school year. The fresh air is a nice break from the pollution or stress of school.

Everything grows during spring. People tear off their winter coats, they are liberated from the chains of winter. Mother Nature has woken up, and shows the world her powers. The physical components aren’t the only thing that is beautiful about spring, the overall exhilaration of the season overtakes everyone. People feel untroubled and carefree. Spring isn’t my favorite season, but it’s one that I always look forward to. Its beauty reminds me that after the darkness, there’s always a chance of light.

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Reporting not for school, but for life.

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