by Lexi Harrison and Anna Doak

The opening scene of Before The Flood was of a painting called The Garden of Earthly Delights. Although interesting, Leo goes to a weird place describing it. All I can say is that he should NOT be a voice over actor. It just sounds like he’s in pain because he’s trying to sound profound and like he cares a lot. However, the movie beyond that point was really interesting and informative. Leo travels to Greenland, Beijing, India, Sumatran forests, and various cities around the US. He spoke to Barack Obama, Elon Musk, the Pope, and educated doctors and professors from around the world who were trying to solve climate issues within their countries.  Professor Jason Box from the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland detailed his research on ice sheets and the effects of burning fossil fuels and forest fires themselves have had on the ice. Dr. Sunita Narain from India talked with Leo about a crucial question in the world of environmental science: how do developing nations with fast-rising populations raise standards of living for all without emitting vast volumes of greenhouse gases? The go on to discuss various solutions and the fact that around 300 million Indian citizens live without power, which is roughly equivalent to the population of the United States. In California, Leo met with Elon Musk to talk about his gigafactory, where he hopes to produce 500,000 electric vehicles annually by 2020. Barack Obama talked about what the White House was trying to do to stop global warming before it becomes completely catastrophic. They talked about the implications that would arise should the ocean levels start rising at faster rates. A large portion of the world’s population lives on the coast, so rising sea levels would spark a sort of competition between populations of people. In addition to the more famous people that he spoke with, Leo also talked to real people who could tell you how they saw climate change affect their lives. The movie itself was really well produced. There were scenes both in the field and at the summit regarding climate change. It was really interesting how the movie compared the drastic changes happening all over the world to the seemingly minor and incompetent steps being taken in policy.

Before The Flood was a really great movie!! The demonstrations of climate change were really cool and I enjoyed hearing the opinions of professors and doctors from around the world.  8/10 would recommend. It would be a 10/10 except for Leo’s crusty ass introduction and referral to the painting like every five minutes. I really liked seeing what was happening in the world and what people were doing to make positive change. Learning more about what exactly is causing global warming and how climate change is affecting people’s lives around the world helped me put it into perspective. I watched this movie in APES a little while ago with Mrs. Spano and she suggested that we review it. 9/10 recommendation!! We would 100% suggest watching this movie if you’re interested in environmental science or just want to learn more about what’s going on in the world!

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