by Kate Hickey

Haunted House:

This opening play was a great way to kick off the 17th annual Student Playwriting Festival! Full of humor and excitement, this play beautifully executed a classic tale of rediscovered friendship. Isha Lele and Abby Poulos stole the show with their fantastic dramatics. I couldn’t think of another pair to better play the part! I have to say the fan favorite had to be the Scott Parsons’ dramatic entrance. His appearance was key to the short performance and was a banner way to begin such an amazing series of stories.

Win or Loss:

This second play was a fun, yet powerful act to follow the grand opening. This play addressed a more serious scenario and left the audience thinking. This play was so inspiring. I loved the setting of the play. The actors portrayed their roles extremely well and fully embraced their characters. I felt like this was more of a move than it was a student performed play. The story was powerful and certainly left the audience with a powerful after thought. Amazing play that kept the audience engaged and wanting more.

Truth or Dare:

Truth or Dare was a performance that the audience would not go home forgetting. This play perfectly portrayed the traditional tale of friendship becomes something deeper. The acting was phenomenal and I often forgot that I was watching a student written and performed play! The tension and suspense of the story hung in the air throughout the entire performance and kept the audience engaged and excited of the many possibilities of the scene! I also enjoyed the setting because it was simple but also added a convincing element to the story.

Counting Boxes

Counting Boxes was the perfect continuation of the amazing performances of this year’s Student Playwriting Festival. The plot was exciting and original- and the acting was some of the best. Sukhmani Kaur was hilarious- and made the perfect addition to this wonderful play. I loved the setting and it was ever so convincing! I really felt like I was in the corner of the stock room during the 80s! The costumes were also a great touch to the show! I wish there would have been more of this performance as I could have watched another 3 hours of it!

License to Love

When I say that I loved this play, I LOVED this play! This performance poked fun at the cheesy love stories we all are too proud to admit. The casting could not have been better and the play itself was one the most well-written yet! The execution of this story was so funny and I loved the romantic comedy aspect that sold the show! This had to be a crowd favorite and absolutely knocked the audience off their feet! Stephanie Zhou did a more than amazing job portraying the role of the flighty love struck damsel. This show evoked laughter and crowd emotion like never before. Bravo to everyone who made this show everything it was!

The Pelican Girls

I can’t begin to describe how impressive such a short performance could be. A student produced musical is a talent I have never seen before! This play was beyond professional and much like the other short performances, I found myself absolutely aghast with the talent that was in this production. The costumes, the setting, the acting—everything was perfect and made for such an amazing audience and viewing experience! I especially enjoyed Megan Qiang’s brilliant portrayal of the haughty colonial man—it made for a fabulous culmination to the 17th annual Student Playwriting Festival!

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