By Kayla Smith

Cleveland Museum of Art – So much art to explore, it changes every season and there’s always something new there to discover. A little low on cash for your next date? The museum is free ALL THE TIME! The only thing you need to pay for is if you want to see the special exhibits which are totally worth it. Currently, one of the new exhibitions is German Expressionism on Paper, and the artwork is superb!

West Side Market – Walk and look at each of the stands and try samples. It’s so fun in the spring when the trees are in bloom, the sun is out, and the area is booming with people.

Little Italy – Go down to this cute area to grab a pastry or dinner. There’s lots of rich Italian culture. The streets are filled with quaint shops and little art galleries that will fill your afternoon or night out with something to do.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – You could spend a whole afternoon learning about rock and roll’s greatest performers, since Cleveland did coin the term and held the first ever rock concert. Browse through the halls of costumes or learn about the history of rock and roll from Chuck Berry to The Rolling Stones. There’s so much to do in there such as watch the rock and roll movie, go through galleries, and sometimes there are late night band shows held in the glass atrium.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo – On a nice sunny day, it’s worth taking the trip to visit the zoo. Walking around and observing the animals is so much fun. It’s very time consuming, in the greatest way possible, and you get to be near the most adorable little creatures.

A Christmas Story House – A place that may be more known for visiting around the holiday season, but the house is open year round! You can even book an overnight stay and really experience the film in all its glory. Across from the house is a museum dedicated to memorabilia, props, and costumes used in the film.

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