By Grace Amjad

I love pasta. It is hands down my favorite food, but I’ve only ever made it once, about 5 years ago, so last Friday I decided to take another swing at homemade pasta. I was a bit nervous, since the last time I did it, my dad did most of the work, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out. First of all, I thought I needed that special pasta flour, semolina, which needless to say I did not have, so I didn’t know how my pasta would turn out with regular flour. Answer…it was PERFECT!

I was feeling ambitious, so I decided to make tortellini, and if you know me at all you would know, is my favorite type of pasta. I watched a Youtube video on how to make it but it seemed way too complex, so I hesitantly made my pasta dough and filling. Luckily, we have a pasta maker at my house so this part was easy for me, but you can also just use a rolling pin. I rolled it out until I could almost see through it but not completely. Then I used a big knife to cut (relatively) even squares. Each square should be a bit smaller than a big post it note, but they can honestly be any size. After i had all my squares, I put my filling in a piping bag very hesitantly, and finally I started. I really had no idea how much filling was enough, so it took a few failed attempts until i found the right balance. For smaller than post it squares, about a quarter size, or just enough that it doesn’t squirt out the sides when you pinch it closed.

Then came the trickiest part, the folding. I thought I had it down after watching the video, but it was a lot harder than it looked. You fold 2 opposite corners together and seal those really well (this is when you know if you’ve overfilled). Then you take the 2 side corners, overlap, and pinch them together. Once I got the hang of it, everything became easier, and I had a little pile ready to cook.

They cooked like normal pasta, in salty, boiling water, but for only about 3 or 4 minutes. You are supposed to wait until they begin to float, but mine floated the whole time; I find tasting one now and again was the best way to tell if they were cooked. When they were all done, I drained and threw them in a pan with some rosemary, butter, and garlic. YUMMMMMMMMM! this video uses a spoon but I just used my finger. the thing I love about this filling is that its normal cheese, but you add a bit of nutmeg which adds a delicious, new flavor to normal plain tortellini. Start cooking!

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