by Simran Patwa and Megan Qiang

It is almost time. Spring break is almost here!

We (Siman and Megan) are going to be jetting off down to the southern locale of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands along with other upper school students. Here’s a list of things that we are excited for, and will report back on after we return from the trip (hopefully alive).

1. We are very excited for the food!

Ecuador has a large variety of offerings from savory Fanesca, citrus ceviche to llapingachos, oily, fried potato cakes that we may sneak through airport security upon request (we’re taking offers for a limited time only).


2. Incredible Animals

The Galapagos are infamous for the incredible fauna that habitat the islands, playing host to species that can not be found anywhere else.


3. Natural sites

The itinerary includes visits to Andean forests in the mountains, dormant volcanoes, and lava bridges, so we’re excited to see any one of these landforms.


4. Photo ops

Cleveland’s monochrome winters don’t provide the most colorful backdrops for insta-worthy photos, so a change of scene will be very welcome.


5. Snorkeling

I (Simran) have gone snorkeling, but only once so it should be a different experience in the Galapagos Islands! I (Megan) have never snorkeled, whether it be in a pool or the ocean, so for the first time to be in the incredibly clear and colorful waters of the Galapagos is awesome.


6. Hiking

First of all, actually getting exercise in our daily regimens will be an experience in and of itself, but then being able to trek across the mountainous ranges of Ecuador will be an once in a lifetime experience.


7. Meeting the locals in Ecuador

Not only will the guides be locals of Quito, Ecuador, with decades of stories and experiences to share, but many of the locales we have the privilege of visiting have adapted to the extreme conditions of the Andes, and provide a specialized variety of cuisine and lifestyles.