Black Panther Review (Spoiler Free)

by Cassandra Lis

The Black Panther’s involvement in the most recent Captain America movie (Civil War) suggested the eventual creation of his own movie. The creation of a black superhero was something the world, but especially the US needed. The timing of the release could not have been better because of the 2016 election and the current political climate. The cast, being mostly people of color, was chosen excellently. Many members of the cast fight for social justice in various ways and causes. Mental health awareness, animal rights, and preventing sexual harassment are only some of the many causes members of the cast are fighting for.   

The technology of the world of Wakanda was fascinating and played a large role in the movie, giving it a science fiction vibe, and the plot was action filled and intense. The strong political messages of the movie only added to the power of the call for equality, love, and acceptance of the movie. I think that the movie was overdue, but it was an amazing addition to the world of Marvel.  

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