The Internet Phenomenon Lucas the Spider

by Anya Razmi

If you haven’t heard of Lucas the Spider, then look him up: now. Seriously, you won’t regret it.

Lucas is an animation created by Joshua Slice, a professional animator who wanted to push the bounds of exactly “how cute” you could make a spider. Turns out – he was pretty successful. With giant eyes, tiny legs, a high-pitched voice, and a childlike personality, Lucas is the definition of lovable.


Lucas, voiced by Joshua’s nephew, has starred in several short YouTube videos, each of which has amassed millions of views. Even if you hate spiders, Lucas is sure to capture your heart: after all, that’s the whole point.

Joshua explains how he “wanted to challenge people” by making them think about what they would do if they met this character. Though Lucas started out as a side project, Joshua’s aim was to make people reconsider their misconceptions about arachnids. And it’s working. Across the internet, fans are falling in love with the little guy, fear of spiders or not.

Though Lucas was only created three months ago, his channel already has over one million subscribers. Starring in videos such as “Playtime”, “Captured,” and “It’s Cold Outside”, Lucas stumbles through the world while talking to his audience. He’s based off of a real jumping spider, making him slightly realistic, yet somehow, totally adorable.

I hate spiders. Really, I do. But even my heart melts when faced with Lucas’s eight (yes, eight) shining eyes. And sure, maybe I’ll still scream the next time I catch a creeping black shadow crawling up my window panel. Who wouldn’t? But at least this time, I’ll think twice about smashing the poor guy.

After all, he could be Lucas. And real or not, he’s changing the world’s mind about spiders – one tiny adventure at a time.

If you want to check out Lucas: