By: Emma Borrow


Born into a family of 7 kids, Red is the second youngest child in the Gerard family. He got his start on the slopes when he was just two years old; however, interestingly enough, he didn’t actually have a snowboarding coach until he was 13 years old! Wow, that is super impressive. He is originally from Rocky River, but his family moved to Breckinridge, Colorado, when they realized that his snowboarding was something that needed to be taken seriously. There, the family actually built a make-shift “snow park” in the families backyard. This is where Red has learned to perfect some of his slopestyle skills during the off-season. Red is not the only successful member in the Gerard family. His sister, Tieghan, has a food-blog and an instagram with a very large family.

This year, at the Olympic Games, he was not only the first American to win gold, but also became the youngest snowboarding Olympic gold medalist! According to many sources, Red is calm and loves just having fun on the slopes. Before he competed on the slopes, his mom reminded him to ‘Just ride like your having fun with your brothers.’ I think that this is some really good advice! At only 17 years old, we can already see how far a love for the sport has taken him. Congrats to Red!

Here is a video about his backyard “snow park”:

Here is his Gold Medal run:

Here is a post-run interview:

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