Olympic Profile: Adam Rippon

by Sophie Clark

Hey so I am here to talk about the best part of the Olympics. I am not going to talk about the inspirational aspects, or the parts that make my mom cry with pride for the athletes of our country, I am going to talk about Adam Rippon. Of course, he is an inspiration athletically; he won a bronze medal, but he is also the sweetheart of the games. The first time I saw him was when he skated to Coldplay, and if you know anything about me you know this was a dead giveaway that this guy was my new favorite Olympic athlete. His performance was beautiful, and I was utterly impressed, however the best part of his performance may just have been the interviews afterwards. Immediately I followed him on Twitter to follow his other witty and funny comments. Here, I will share some of my favorites.


Not only is he a brilliant figure skater, he is having fun doing it!