by Ellie Roberto

January – I started my year off in Palm Springs, California, riding through the Sonoran Desert on a buggy car. I had the chance to drive the car and I hit a few cacti along the dirt path. I never thought I would identify with the bare desert landscape but its simplistic beauty overwhelmed.

unnamed (10)


February – I visited University of Pittsburgh with Lilly Rothschild. It was an amazing tour and after we explored what the rest of the city had to offer. This mural is located in The Strip District of Pitt, where we walked around, window shopped, and sipped coffee. It was the perfect spring weekend trip.

unnamed (9)

March – Esme and I went to see Allah- Las and The Babe Rainbow at the Beachland Ballroom. We experienced the typical beachy indie. The dude with the maracas was the best part.

unnamed (8).jpg

April – Carnival!! Our best costumes so far. (left to right: Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, Alice, Queen of Hearts, Caterpillar)

unnamed (7)

May – I attended HB prom with Ela as my date. No we are not dating so stop asking. I highly recommend going with a friend if you are not sure about prom. It is 1000% worry and stress free.

unnamed (6).jpg

June – First month of summer is always spent at the lakehouse near Erie, PA. This is the dock where we watch the sunset every night while looking for sea glass or swinging on the rusty swings. This year there was an abundance of green glass.

unnamed (5)

July – Found my favorite city in the world, Toronto, and the college I hope to attend. Toronto is an extremely diverse city.

unnamed (4)

August – In August, the college visits continue in Chicago. Madison and I took a one day road trip to the city to see two schools. We didn’t really like either but we saw we ended the trip with some typical Chicago sightseeing.

unnamed (3)

September – The Senior Retreat was unexpectedly one of my most memorable parts of the summer. For underclassmen, my advice is to take advantage of that time because you make connections you never thought you’d make during the school year.

unnamed (1)

October – A memorable homecoming with some new and old friends.  HB’s homecoming was very memorable as we obnoxiously screamed and paraded into the gym, wearing our disco costumes for our last homecoming.

unnamed (2)

November – I think this was the last concert I attended of 2017. Hippocampus has been a band I have seen almost every year of highschool. These four boys are easy to love on stage which is obviously why I keep going back.  


December –  I ended the year reflexing but also looking to the future. This photo was taken at our senior brunch with Lilly Rothschild. At brunch, I sat around a table laughing with friends and writing down our hopes for ourselves in the future. It is crazy to think that after spending four years with these girls, I will be heading my separate ways in just a few short months.

unnamed (11)

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