by Erica Kahn

I have never had a favorite song that stuck around longer than eight months. Like most people, I can never pick “just one song” to be my favorite because there are just sooooooooo many. However, when I discovered BORNS summer of 2016, his hit song Electric Love (which I discovered very late since it was released in 2015) quickly became a favorite. I didn’t expect it to remain my favorite song, but surprisingly it still remains the best song I’ve ever heard and has never gotten old despite the millions of times I have played it. I began listening to more of his music and soon he became my favorite artist ❤ I knew nothing about him, though, except that I loved his music.

So if you don’t know anything about BORNS, like I did, here are some things about him:

  • BORNS is not a band
  • BORNS is a boy, not a girl
  • His actual name is Garrett Borns and he was born in Michigan in 1992 (26 yro)
  • Genres of his music: Indie pop, psychedelic pop, alternative rock, synth-pop, electropop
  • He lives in a treehouse in California
  • He can do magic tricks
  • He also studied film
  • In high school he was in a band called “Brown Chicken Brown Trout”
  • He is a participant in the “gender bender” movement also known as genderf***s (it aims to destroy gender roles and stereotypes) and can be seen wearing nail polish and crop tops

I would describe BORNS as angelic. The music accompanying his songs are amazing on their own, yet his lyrics capture moments and feelings I could never be able to put to words. Here are a few of my favorite lyrics:

She’s sweet like candy in my veins (Electric Love)

Baby you’re like lightning in a bottle, I can’t let you go now that I got it (Electric Love)

Diamond sparrow, my moonlit majesty, (Past Lives)

And like a stallion racing the rain, you rode on the back of my bike (American Money)

Throwing me that shade like I’m not cool enough (Second Night of Summer (omg so punny))

Hotter than a blueberry flame…..Cooler than a strawberry shake (Blue Madonna)

Climbed up the tree of life, kicked out of paradise, Living good, doing evil is the toss of the dice (God Save Our Young Blood ft. Lana Del Rey)                  

When his second album, Blue Madonna came out mid January this year, I listened to the whole album on repeat for hours. AND FINALLY I got to seem him live in concert this February. It was something I’d been looking forward to since December when I bought my ticket. The concert was was at Goodyear Theatre in Akron (even though it was supposed to be at the Agora) and Ela and I stood outside in the freezing cold for forty minutes waiting to get in. BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT. Mikky Ekko (who came offstage and walked into the audience) and Charlotte Cardin opened for him and both were amazing (I suggest listening to them too). When BORNS came on stage I didn’t know what to do with myself and cried like a typical fangirl (which is very unlike me so it just goes to show how good BORNS is). He had a real stage presence, was EVEN BETTER live, helped out a fan who fainted mid-song, and sang his whole new album top to bottom, along with his hits from Dopamine. It was the best concert I’ve ever been to and I’m so happy I got to share my experience with my best friend, Ela. Some of my best memories are with Electric Love so hearing him sing it live, with flashing lights, passion, and a crowd full of people who are moved by his music in the same way as me was truly the best time ever. So, I hope my experience with BORNS inspires you to listen to him too!!!

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