by Zehra Ashruf & Nadia Malik

10 years is a long time…

  1. Unusual Nicknames

There’s a whole spectrum of nicknames, widely ranged and unique. You never question them, because the weirdness is just what makes them lovable.

  1. Screensavers & Contacts

merp.png             jhbkj.png

  1. Communication with Incoherent Sounds

English is overrated anyway. Enough said.

  1. Evidence of Telepathy

In simple terms, in-syncness. You’ve absolutely convinced yourselves that you’re minds are inherently connected to each other, despite all the evidence otherwise…

hi.png         lk.png


  1. Met their ENTIRE family tree

That means all the uncles, aunts, first-cousins, and even some of the second cousins. It has gotten to the point where family members ask about them before they ask about you.

  1. Spontaneous Invitations to Dinner

You already treat your house like their own. They’ll treat you less like guests, and more like family

  1. On-going list of inside jokes

Sorry, outsiders, you might feel like a third wheel. Don’t you just love the color neon yellow?

  1. Blackmail-worthy photos

lmm.png                      pl.png

  1. Constant Reminders of “Awkward” Phases

You are a witness to the worst moments and stages of their life. You’re the best source for the countless memories that fall in this category.

  1. Insults Purely Out of Love

It’s because we love each other enough to be honest. Sure, sometimes they seem like insults, because they usually are. But it’s never meant to be taken too seriously.

  1. Photo Album Timelines

llm.png          mnn.png

10 years gives you a lot of time to get to know someone. But in the end, it’s always worth it.



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