By Sophie Weyn and Kat Lynch

We interviewed Mr. Purpura, Mr. Parsons, and Mr. Ciuni for their insightful thoughts on HB’s talent show this year. We think their responses are worth the read. As they complimented the acts and performers, they also gave us some helpful information looking forward to future talent shows!


1)   Did you ever participate in a talent show in high school?

  1.     Kp: Once during his first year teaching he played guitar. He said, “I play good acoustic but not lead. J-mo plays a mean lead.”


  1.     Parsons: He told us, “No… because I would be terrified.”


  1.      Ciuni: “At my last school there was a recording studio, so naturally I played in a teacher band.”


2)   If not, did you ever have a talent you could’ve used?

  1.     Kp: (see previous question)


  1.     Parsons: He mentioned to us, “I am entirely devoid of talent”, and that he “was born to be a dancer but too neurotically shy to follow that dream.”


  1.      Ciuni: Ciuni told us that what little talent he had has been exhausted years ago.


3)   What do you think about the HB talent show?

  1.     Kp: “It was good, funny, real talent, and the singing was outstanding!”


  1.     Parsons: “I love it because it makes our all girls school special. I love the variety and braveness and everything about the show.”


  1.      Ciuni: “It was lovely.”


4)   What acts do you like to see at the talent show?

  1.     Kp: Musical stuff, acoustic, piano, instruments (with a shout out to Archer and Gina)


  1.     Parsons: “I like ones that feel risky and vulnerable but I also like ones that are just weird.”


  1.      Ciuni: “The whole point of the talent show is the variety, so I like it all!’


5)   What do you want to see more of next year?

  1.     Kp: More musical instruments shown.


  1.     Parsons: He would like to see more stand up comedy and skits. Also, he wants it to be longer, closer to an hour.


*(Special note from Ms. Armstrong-  “We sit an hour and a half for the strand presentations… so why not for the talent show?”)*


  1.      Ciuni: “I don’t know… I just like seeing whatever the kids got going on!”


We loved hearing these reviews from some of HB’s favorite teachers. To all of HB’s performers- keep giving us an awesome show!

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