by Isabelle Wyndham

As we know, freshman don’t really do the talent show. This year we only had 2 freshmen showing their talents. I’m not sure if we don’t sign up because we are the youngest in the high school or if we just aren’t interested. I went around asking freshman why they didn’t try out for the talent show. Some think they don’t have a talent, but as you can tell, anything can turn into a talent. A few people wanted to do it, but they were scared or had stage fright. Some were scared about doing it in front of the whole upper school, maybe if the freshman had a freshman talent show more members of the class of 2021 would participate. A few said that they were stressing about the second semester starting and they didn’t want to worry about making an act and performing. Overall, the freshman class didn’t feel like doing it.


I talked to Elena Flanto, the freshman who rocked the talent show. She noted “At first, I was unsure about participating in the talent show. I love to sing and it seemed like a great opportunity, but I was nervous about being one of the only freshman in it. The reason I decided to sign up was because of the encouragement I received after singing at Cabaret. All of the students in the audience were very supportive and told me that I had to do the talent show. Being onstage in front of the whole upper school was pretty terrifying at first. I have experience singing in front of large audiences, but they are usually all strangers. The talent show was especially nerve-wracking because I knew the people in the audience. The few seconds waiting for my backtrack to start were scary, but the feeling you get when the entire upper school is clapping for you is indescribable. It was an amazing experience and I am so glad that I chose to do it. For anyone who wants to do it next year, sign up! The talent show is the perfect opportunity to showcase what you do best in front of a supportive audience.”


Hopefully this encourages freshman to sign up!! If you have nerves about performing, don’t worry! It’s okay if you make a fool of yourself, even fun! We expect to see you on stage next year class of 2021!

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