by Amanda Young

After living in Cleveland for 18 years, I think I have obtained some credibility in guiding people to the hidden gems in my hometown. This list ranges from local cozy restaurants and cafes to the must-see landmarks.


Edgewater Beach/Edgewater park

If you are ever free on a warm sunny day Edgewater Beach and Edgewater Park is the perfect place to explore and relax. Make sure to bring a bathing suit and tennis shoes to hike around.



Marble Room Steaks and Raw Bar

Marble Room is the perfect place for a birthday dinner or a romantic dinner. This restaurant used to be the National City Bank Lobby. In the downstairs rooms, you can still see the vault detailing. One of the vault door opens up to a mysterious private bar area. If you go here, I highly recommend the oysters, as they are the best I’ve had in Cleveland yet!


Heinen’s of Downtown Cleveland

If you are ever wandering around downtown Cleveland before or after a sports event and are craving some good food, I would stop by the Heinen’s. The building Heinen’s is currently occupying was known as the Cleveland Trust Rotunda. The details of the ceilings are absolutely beautiful.



78th Street Studios

While looking for a vinyl store for my new turntable, I ended up stumbling into 78 Street Studios. That day, I found an amazing store that I could explore for hours. I also found the largest fine arts complex in Northeast Ohio. Later that week, I attended the open house where all of the galleries were open, and let me just say that it was an amazing experience. In the basement, there was a restored pinball arcade! The people there were so kind, and it ended up being a wonderful networking experience. (If you like dogs there were some wandering around in some galleries.)


Garden Loft


Nervous Dog in Akron

The Nervous Dog is a local coffee shop with a small town feel. If you are in the Akron area, I would highly recommend walking in and getting a cup of hot chocolate. This is also the perfect place to go on a weekday to get some homework done. I always see people sitting in groups working together. Beware, some Fridays they have bands play that can be really loud, and the quality is a little lacking.

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