by Ying Ying Yang

Debater LIVE debate. It is the event that kills my brain cells weekly and heat up the room in the chilly winter. As debate season comes to an end, this little piece is dedicated to all the debaters who show up to debate at eight o’clock every Saturday 🙂

  1. You stay up Friday night reading about court cases…
  2. Most of the time you dread Saturdays.
  3. Weekend doesn’t officially start until Saturday evening.
  4. In addition to mastering the skill of debating, you also learned to READ a map and LOCATE a room.
  5. You start wearing blazers with pajamas.
  6. Brief = holy text
  7. Reddit is used as a forum for exchanging prepping materials.
  8. Surely you win some great debate on philosophy, but you still cannot find the right exit to the school bus.
  9. You learn to disregard the results sometimes. As Mr. Habig puts it: “you win some debate you should lose, and lose some that you should win.”
  10. You start to debate because you like to debate, not because of winning ballots.
  11. Last but not least, only you know the feeling of going 0-4 to 4-0.


Although debate may be an ever consuming event, at the end of the day, it is still one extremely fun and rewarding event. Also, good luck to all of those debaters who qualified for Nationals!

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