by Emma Esteves 

     Ever since I was little, I always fell into a deep trance whenever I entered the craft store. After coming through the double sliding doors, I would be greeted with smells of cinnamon and fall. My mom would always do her shopping, and I would do my looking. I always knew where I immediately wanted to go—the back wall. There was just something beautiful about the array of different yarns featured that would instantly make me smile. With so many choices of texture and color, my mind was always at a loss. However, I would always just walk by it, only admiring its beauty. After doing this so many times, I decided to take action: “Mom, I want to start knitting.” After endless questions about my new “passion”, I finally convinced her. The moment I was waiting for had finally come. My mom took me to the back wall to pick out my first ball of yarn and needles. As I stood at the checkout line, feelings of happiness, anxiety, and nervousness rushed throughout my body. I had no idea how this new hobby of mine was going to work out. I have always wanted to try it, having grand ideas of what I could create. It was going to be interesting, and when I arrived back home, my journey began.

     Being new to knitting, I didn’t know how to get started. So, just like any other human being that doesn’t know how to do something, I took to Youtube. When I searched, “How to knit for beginners”, I was overwhelmed with results. I clicked on the simplest video, and began to “cast on”. My hands were shaky and my palms were sweaty. I didn’t want to mess up. However, I managed to cast on 15 stitches, which was the base row for my work. As I continued to do the basic “knit stitch”, I suddenly realized something wasn’t right. I must of dropped a stitch, meaning that the yarn fell of my needle. I became angry and upset. My work had grown into something that I became attached to. Not knowing what to do, I began to take my work off the needles. It became tangled and knotted, impossible to work with. I began to lose hope, and ended up cutting the yarn off. In the end, the work never got completed. I became too upset with what had happened, and vowed to never knit again.

     Although I officially “quit” knitting, the passion for wanting to pick up needles had never left me. So, once again, I went online to look for easier ways to knit. I discovered that I could purchase a loom, making the process easier and more efficient. With another trip to the craft store, I bought the device, small and rectangular, along with soft blue yarn. This time, my mom gave me motivation. “I want you to knit me a scarf for my birthday.” With this request, I became excited. I wanted to give my mom a beautiful gift. I found a stitch for looms, approved by my mom, and then the process started again. However, loom knitting is very different from the classic yarn and needles. I was able to catch on, and finished in three days. On her birthday, I presented her the work of art. My mom was amazed I actually finished it, and decided to WEAR IT! It was extremely rewarding to see my hard work being worn by someone who I love. It turns out, knitting wasn’t that bad.

     If I had to describe knitting, I would call it a rewarding experience. There is a lot of hard work that goes into it, and the results are incredible. Although I wasn’t able to knit a hat or blanket, I am only a beginner, still having a lot to learn. As the years go by, I hope to continue to knit, creating masterpieces for the people around me. And it turns out, my family who once called me a “granny” for knitting, was wrong. They saw how it can be relaxing and rewarding. If there’s one thing that I took away from knitting, it is definitely that knitting is NOT only for grannies.

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