by Hannah Ryan

The diving season was very successful this year! As one of the many new members of the team, I learned new dives, and eventually got to compete with the other members of my team. I mostly cheered on our amazing divers. Katrina and Jamie, the captains, were amazing this year. All the new seniors, or the “fake diving club” as they like to call themselves, put in so much effort for this season. We had an entire week of morning practices, compared to the swim team, that’s not a lot, but it was too early for me! At senior night, we said goodbye to our 5 seniors: Lauren Gratto, Katrina Frei-Hermann, Sophie Sacks, Isha Lele, and Amelia Seger. The team will never be the same without them. I know we will miss our chauffeurs and mothers on the team as much as they’ll miss us.

As a new member of the team, I loved to hear what was going on in practices I wasn’t at and hearing what everyone likes or thinks in a funny way, thus divegest was born. Follow @divegest on Instagram and watch the videos.

And wish our fabulous divers, Katrina Frei-Hermann, Jamie Doak, Claire Stephenson, and Kayla Schwartz, luck at districts!

Finally, here are some vlogs highlighting the amazing season we had as a team!

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