by Zuha Jaffar

Asking teachers about their best and worst experiences on Valentine’s Day was ~an experience~ It was the ones I least expected that had interesting stories. The whole focus shifted when teachers just had random facts about Valentine’s day, as well.

Mr. Kollin

He had nothing incredibly dramatic to tell us, but he proceeded to tell us of an old Roman holiday called “Lupercalia” which was celebrated when things began growing, the land was fertile, and (in his words) “so were the people.” Men would dress up as wolves, and sacrifice animals. Women who were hoping to have children, or get married that year, would stand outside of their homes and with the tails of the sacrificed animals, the men would hit women with it, if they were to be fertile that year. (all of this is true, I looked it up)

Mr. Ciuni

He had nothing necessarily bad, but wife bought him Cubs tickets for valentine’s day, a while back. #goalz

Mr. Elliot

The only bad valentine’s day was when he was either single or dating his wife during valentine’s day.

Mrs. Spano

At her school, she had this thing where people would sing to you for your birthday or some holiday, and one time a guy got one for her on valentine’s day, and it was sweet but also very embarrassing. (I mean, how could it not be?)

Ms. Hermann

Her boyfriend decided to write a poem (which she found out later, was not his), cut it up into pieces, and gave different people (who he thought were her friends, but they were not) in the school each part and throughout the day they were given to her. At the end of the day, she put together the whole thing and honestly thought it was from a secret admirer, mainly because it said it was from her secret admirer. Later that day when she saw her boyfriend, she told him about it, and he got mad because she didn’t figure out it was him. They broke up two days later. #actual #goalz

Mr. Clifford

Mr. Clifford really liked this one person and asked them on a date on Valentine’s Day (they said yes). They had a really good time, but when they went back to his car, Mr. Clifford realized he had left the car running and locked keys inside of it (at the same time). Eventually, he had to call a triple A tow truck, but the car ran out of gas before it came.

(sorry to the teachers who weren’t mine and whose stories I may have slightly gotten wrong)

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