by Cassandra Lis

Candy Hearts

  • Overall, they are ok. Kind of chalky, and I disapprove of the yellow and purple hearts. Each color is a different flavor.  3/5 stars

Peep marshmallow hearts  

  • Taste like normal peeps. If you like peeps, you will like these.  3/5 stars

Ghirardelli Strawberry Bark

  • “It’s just bullsh*t” -my girlfriend.  2/5 stars

Russell Stover Assorted chocolates

  • Comes with coconut, caramel, and chocolate butter cream chocolates. In addition, there is a cute dog on the front.  5/5 stars for variety and packaging

Sweet Tart Hearts

  • Good taste, and each heart is a different flavor. Kind of sour, depending on your taste.  5/5 stars

Twix Hearts

  • I am convinced that they changed the formula for these. Not good. Do not buy if you are expecting a normal twix.  1/5 stars

Red Velvet Kit Kats

  • Surprisingly better than I thought. The chocolate is white instead of milk, but still pretty good.  4/5 stars

Overall, the winner is the Russell Stover chocolates with the adorable dog on the front. Mine came with an adorable dog named Chance. The company also supports RedRover, which is an organization that relocates neglected dogs.

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