The Campaign Against SeaWorld

by Jordan Stacy

Campaign Against Seaworld

Did you know animals held in captivity at SeaWorld are drugged daily, just to tame their aggressive and stress-induced behaviors? More seriously, most of the animals die at a premature age from stress. A big stress inducer in many of the female animals has been the separation of mothers from their children. An example, orca males live to be up to 60 years old and females up to 100. To give you a rough idea of the prevalence of animal deaths at SeaWorld, 41 orcas have died at just 14 years old. In 2013, a well-known documentary known as Blackfish was released regarding the horrible treatment and lives of the animals at SeaWorld. The documentary had monumental effects on the number of visitors at SeaWorld. Organizations have been formed to spread these facts about SeaWorld, one known as “SeaWorld Of Hurt”. They write recent articles about lawsuits against SeaWorld, current situations of animals living there, and stories about supporters against SeaWorld.


My Thoughts

As a child, I had the chance to visit both Seaworld as a child and also an aquarium in Miami that was a similar concept of Seaworld. From the surface, to me, SeaWorld seems like a great place and somewhere I would really enjoy visiting. From the public eye, the animals seem happy, loved, and treated well. After doing research, reading and watching Blackfish, I came to find that that is in fact, not the case. This knowledge completely changed my opinion towards Seaworld. I would not go to SeaWorld again simply because I don’t support what they are doing.

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