By: Linda Yu

  1. The dance studio is a beautiful and soothing space. It will literally suck away all your stress.
  2. “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy” (Legally Blonde).
  3. You will make new friends who will never judge you. Ever. Even if you are younger than them. Even if you fall on your face (in which case they will most likely laugh and ask if you’re okay).
  4. Choreography class will help you pass Physics. Especially when it comes to motion.
  5. Spending time in the dance studio before math tests has been shown to significantly boost performance and increase logical thinking.*(for me at least)*
  6. Your current level of dance doesn’t matter. Even if you’ve never taken a dance class before, you can still be successful in the program. It’s also not all just one type of dance, so you’ll definitely find something you like.


  7. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, frequent dancing was the only one of 11 physical activities studied (including swimming, golf, tennis, etc) that reduces the risk of dementia. (It reduces your risk for getting dementia by 76%)
  8. You will learn a whole new way of thinking about movement and intention, and it will make creating dance and watching dance so much more interesting.
  9. You will also learn a whole new array of inside jokes which is always fun.
  10. Dance will help with your communication skills, because you have to let the viewer know what exactly you’re saying with your movements.
  11. Dancing will make you more intelligent because you have to use “split-second rapid-fire decision making”, according to Stanford. Since we do improv exercises, this benefit is probably even more prevalent in this particular dance curriculum.

    Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 12.02.54 PM.png

  12. Women are severely underrepresented as choreographers, despite the higher numbers of female dancers. By joining the dancer-choreographer community, you can help combat gender inequality!
  13. Plot twist: There are actually way more than 13 reasons why you should join dance! Stop me in the hallway to hear even more reasons why you should join dance. (I’m the girl with the rolling suitcase.)

**Disclaimer: The author claims full responsibility for any enlightened souls who are now dying to join the dance program.


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