By Nadia Malik

Personal planets determine your core personality and how you function uniquely in the world.

Sun: changes every month and has to do with overall personality

  • Sun placement is often considered the most important on your chart and corresponds with your overall personality. It has to do with your interests, character, interaction with others, and identity. This is the sign that you probably already know, and is based around the time of year you were born.

Moon: changes every 2 to 3 days and has to do with moods and emotions

  • Moon placement determines how you experience emotions. It represents what your emotional attachments are and how you share emotions with others. It shows your instincts, habits, and intuition. It is often considered your “hidden self.”

Mercury: changes every 3 to 4 weeks and has to do with communication

  • Mercury placement determines individual style of communication. In addition, it corresponds with thinking processes, learning methods, interests, and what provokes personal curiosity.

Venus: changes every 4 to 5 weeks and has to do with relationships and love

  • Venus governs relationships, attractions and social interactions in addition to what one considers to be a source of beauty. Venus oversees financial transactions as well. Your Venus placement will determine the way that you function as part of a partnership.

Mars: changes every 6 to 7 weeks and has to do with passion and energy

  • Mars corresponds with ambition, inspiration, drive, determination, in addition to energy, achievements, and risk-taking. Mars dictates expression of anger along with desire. This planet also is considered the one that has to do the most with sexuality and physical energy.

Jupiter: changes every 12 to 13 months and has to do with wisdom and development

  • Jupiter dictates ethics, expansion, and outer-worldliness. It is the planet that most correlates with outreach and exploration, and our desires to learn more about the world that we live in. Jupiter represents our conscious, philosophy, and journey of self-discovery. Because this planet moves slowly, many of the characteristics of the Jupiter placement span generationally.

Saturn: changes every 2 to 3 years and has to do with materialism and challenges

  • Saturn is the planet of materialization, incarnation, and self-containment. It shows us our limitations and  where we need to learn self-discipline. This is considered the planet of challenges and hard aspects, so Saturn can show us where we will have the most troubles throughout our lives.

Uranus: changes every 7 years and has to do with how people deal with change and originality

  • Uranus is a generational planet. It has to do with progressiveness and independence. This is the planet that shows how you deal with change and how open you are to new ways of thinking. Uranus shows us how we deal with revolution and challenging the status quo.

Neptune: changes every 11 to 12 years and has to do with dreams and illusion

  • Neptune tells us about our spirituality and rules all things that have to do with entrancement. It shows us how we harvest our desires and aspirations, and whether we do so in a more composed or an imaginative way. This is also a generational planet, and thus is often the same for people of similar ages.

Pluto: changes every 12 to 15 years and has to do with power and transformation

  • Pluto is the planet of profound change and transformation. It has to do with awakening your hidden self and touching your deepest sensitivities so that you can change and grow through them. Pluto is the planet of expanded consciousness.
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