By Mackenzie Hollis

Over winter break, many must-see movies came out, one of which was Pitch Perfect 3. After teasing fans with earlier release dates, Pitch Perfect 3 finally came out on December 22, 2017. I really enjoyed this movie. I was nervous at first before going to see it because I thought that they would have new people. But, the producers proved me wrong and definitely had a lot of the actors from the original movies. I think the songs that the Bellas sang were really good choices and a lot of people knew them, which always makes the movies a lot more fun. I also enjoyed the plot of this movie–there was a lot of action and intense scenes that kept everyone on the edge of their seats. The way this movie was portrayed seemed like it was going to be the last Pitch Perfect movie, which makes me and a lot of other fans sad. I think the last song that was sung, “Toxic” by Britney Spears, was a really good way to wrap up the movie series and it definitely made me happy; I was left with a good song to wrap up Pitch Perfect. This movie was one of my favorite’s (in fact I even saw it twice)! All of the Pitch Perfect movies have been funny and a pleasure to watch, and this one added all of my favorite characteristics of the past movies into one!

Here’s the trailer for anyone who is interested in watching the movie!

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