by Cate Engles

Winter in Ohio comes with some great components, for instance, the holidays, hot chocolate, winter sports, but along with those, it can also bring gloomy days, icky slush, and cold, cold days. In fact, about five percent of people in the United States experience seasonal depression during this year, while even more people experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It has also been said that the further away from the equator a person is, the more likely to develop one of these conditions. Some of us may not be experiencing a low feeling to these extremes, but it is common to feel down, especially in this stretch of winter. The time from winter break until spring break can feel like an eternity; all of a sudden the year that was flying by starts to slow down. So when you are diving headfirst into a pile of homework, or trying to avoid the Valentine’s Day mumbo-jumbo, here are a few things to look forward to:

This year we are lucky because we have a Winter Olympics to watch. This year it will be taking place in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Get ready to take a break from studying and catch a figure skating routine or a skeleton race. I am predicting that there will be great conversations at the lunch tables throughout February, recapping the games and giving opinions on who is going to get the gold.


Another thing that may be small but sure is a fun gift to us is the bargains during this time of year! After the holidays, it is usual for stores to put some of their wintry items on sale. Some might even put spring apparel on sale since we are in an awkward part of the year, so get ahead on spring break clothes! Also, do not forget that chocolate and other sweets go to half price the day after Valentine’s Day.


We have just gotten into the new year so that mean there are renewals of television series and the start of concert tours for 2018. Maybe you want to plan something for a weekend to look forward to, so get a couple friends and tickets and head to the House of Blues. If a concert is not your thing, start a TV show that you can keep up on its actual schedule (do NOT just binge watch one on Netflix). Waiting for a new episode to premiere each week is a great way to get you looking forward to something.

Planning activities to put on your calendar will most definitely makes these months go by faster, and before you know it you will be relaxing on a beach somewhere or getting a good night’s rest during spring break. We have things like lunar eclipses coming our way and even a royal wedding, so keep you head up because there are spectacular things everywhere!


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