By Amy Howarth

The holiday season and winter break have passed. You spent time with family and friends, relaxing, and not worrying about school.  There were many family gatherings and parties you may have gone to or hosted that involved a lot of delicious food and fun activities.  Now, let’s be honest and say that it is hard to stick your regular workout routine or be active in general when it comes to the holidays.  Sometimes we all just need some time to just relax, let go, eat all the foods we want, and enjoy our family time.

When the new year rolls around you here people making New Year’s resolutions and mainly saying, “New year new me.”  But whenever I make a resolution I always wonder, how could I ever keep doing this for a whole, entire year?  I am sure I am not alone in saying this, that there are many expectations when making resolutions that just, fade away after a while.

Phases of New Year’s Resolution:

  1. Before New Year’s
  • usually my resolution is to eat a little healthier
  • This is the point where I’m super optimistic and determined
  1. Once the new year has come
  • The day of New Year’s and a few days after I am still super determined
  • I have eaten really healthy and exercised a lot
  1. Shortly after New Year’s
  • A few weeks later I am much less motivated
  • I still exercise enough but I’m not eating very healthy… at all
  1. A year later
  • Wait… what was my New Year’s resolution?

My advice if you are trying to make a New Year’s resolution is, instead of setting yearly goals set SMALL GOALS.  If you set daily or weekly goals than you will be more likely to stick to them rather than making yearly goals.


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