By Kayla Smith

Pitch Perfect 3 is like all the rest. The girls go to Europe and compete in a competition to be the opening act for DJ Khaled. They end up getting kidnapped and have to use their skills to get out of it. PLOT TWIST Fat Amy’s dad is the worst person alive. The big moment when the girls sing to everyone around the world is the most pivotal part, obviously! All in all, the movie is action packed! I always love watching the Pitch Perfect movies, because I wish I could sing like that. I was so excited to see the film and get my usual goosebumps as I wait for the epic songs. However, seeing this film was a lot different from my other experiences. My friends and I went to a small theater to see the movie. We walked down the hall to the left only to enter Theater 9, or in this case, the smallest and most packed room in the whole place. We had people two rows in front of us and a family right behind us. During the two hours of this movie the man two rows from us kept on getting up and leaving. I was confused why he got up so much, so I turned to my friend and asked her why he got up so many times. I am not exaggerating when I say he left eight times. Eight times! Every 15 minutes I would see this man get up and come back in my peripheral vision. My friend and I laughed it off, and we continued to watch the movie. My one friend on my left turned to me in distress….”KAYLA”…”uh what”…”the guy behind me just pet my hair and rubbed his hand on my head..” HOW AWKWARD. I turned around to see this man staring into my soul. I whipped back around grabbed my friend and said “how cringy.” I admit, although it was one of the strangest movie outings I’ve ever experiences, I laughed uncontrollably throughout. The highlight of the film was Fat Amy’s commentary, of course! The film is worth the 7 dollars, and I recommend Pitch Perfect 3 to anyone who needs a laugh and a little action 🙂

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