By Ellie Felderman

I’ve long held the belief that it’s impossible to believe in science.

Of course, when asked whether or not I believe in science, I assure my question-asker yes– of course I believe in science– but I still hold the opinion that you can’t believe in science.

You may think I’m crazy, but you never hear anyone talking about how they do or don’t believe in math or grammar rules or object permanence. Why question something that’s so hard-set, so true, so essential to daily life as geometry or the succession of the presidents? Nobody even thinks to question it– so why do we question science?

It’s no mystery that the earth’s climate is doing funky things, and 99.9% of it is due to the fault of humans (the other 0.01% is natural, we’re just accelerating the heck out of it and making it one thousand times worse). I don’t even need to point to the fact that we had a week of sub-subzero temperatures over winter break, and then it bounced up to sixty the two weeks after that. Everybody knows this is weird, whether they know the cause or not. We all should be able to tell that something is up.

People who don’t believe in human-accelerated climate change baffle me. You don’t get to decide what parts of science you’ll believe! You don’t get to pick and choose which spelling rules to follow, so why do you get to pick and choose which aspects of science in which to have faith?

Without science, we’d all be floating– who says gravity exists? Nobody needs biology, right? Electricity’s out, so is medicine, as is architecture and good ol’ general laws of the universe. We all laugh at the idea of someone believing in half of Spanish, so why is picking and choosing what parts of science to believe in so easy to accept?

Dear climate change doubters, flat earthers, and all the other groups of people who don’t believe in cold, hard facts: next time you go to turn on a light, visit the doctor, touch anything made of plastic, send an email, or walk up a flight of stairs, you have science to thank. Just like we have science to thank for knowing that the earth is round and getting really, really hot. It’s impossible to believe in something that is absolutely true.

If you have thoughts, feelings, or opinions on science or on this, feel free to come talk to me!

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