By Caroline Jung

Let’s face it. The winter of 2017/2018 is colder than usual. It’s almost impossible to always stay warm as chilly weather drafts in. So, I’ve put a few tips together to help you stay (somewhat) warm.

  1. Wear layers

This is a simple solution. Putting on more layers will keep you warm, but it does depend on what kind of clothes you wear. I recommended wearing thicker clothing rather than thinner clothing. In the winter, no matter if it may be your favorite t-shirt for summer, it just doesn’t cut it. Thin clothing will have a small degree of warmth, to almost none at all.

    2.  Wear gloves, hats, etc.

I’ve experienced that many parents always tell their kids to wear hats or gloves, but I’ve seen few people actually wear them. Sometimes not wearing some accessories may seem stylish, but rather than sacrificing your warmth, it’s better to wear these in the long run. When it’s cold outside, wearing gloves and hats are extremely important because this prolongs the “getting cold” process. Trust me, it helps.

  3.  Use a mobile heater throughout the house

Just having your thermostat in your house may not be enough. Being able to adjust the thermostat helps, but insulation doesn’t work as well in the winter. Not only that, it raises electric bills more than it needs to. With a mobile heater with a plug for an outlet, it heats up a room or two quickly and most heaters allow you to adjust the temperature. If you’re mostly staying in one room, instead of raising bills and adjusting the whole house temperature, using a movable heater is more efficient.

  4.  Move around

Working out is not always fun, but in winter, you might need to sacrifice your procrastination (admit it, we all do it) to be warm. I’m not talking about intense workouts, even simple movement can help! Just getting your cardio or strength up automatically makes your body warmer. I’ve found this incredibly helpful when I need a break from homework and I’m freezing inside. As a dancer, playing with music, choreography, and stretches does it for me. Not only am I getting warm, but I’m being physical and creative with my mind.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to get warmer throughout this time of year. Staying warm has been hard to achieve this year, but I’ve used these, so I hope this will also work for you!


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