By: Kate Slesh

Thanksgiving is slowly upon us, with the joy of being with your family and the food included everyone is so excited. I have heard of so many traditions that families have on thanksgiving day. I would like to share mine with you! It all starts bright and early, where my little brother and I go to my grandmas house to start preparing. Although my little brother doesn’t help cook he still sits and watches as my grandma and I cook. He finds this exciting because hopefully he can help out when he is older. Almost every person in my family has one exact thing that everyone loves and needs to make or cook. I am in charge of the corn suffle or some people might call it corn pudding. My grandma starts working on the casserole while I work on the corn pudding. After those are finished, my grandpa, grandma, little brother, and I go down in the basement while everything is cooking and play ping pong or watch a football game with the fire on. Soon everyone starts to arrive at 6pm. We all start feasting at 7pm!