by Ava Alaeddini


(A poem based on when my grandparents met)

1962 was the year I met you

Wearing the pearl necklace my mother gave me when I was ten

He cut threw the tradition that accompanied my family

Time and time again, he made me laugh

And in 1963, you finally asked me to go to the movies

Tossing up your newspaper cap in the air

Walking with me down the gloomy street

You turned around and asked,

“Marry me in 1964?”

And so I did.


Crazy Poor Rich Girl

She spends her day at the country club

Sitting in the bright sun

Tanning for fun

Doesn’t understand how the consequences will ruin someone

Prep school debutante

Wont just talk to anyone

And all the girls want to be her friend,

But the amount of Dior dresses they have is close to none


Same Cycle

Here I am

Another day, another night

Same cycle, moving in the same motion

Same pattern

Same movement

The same lights flicker on and off

The same people sit next to you in class

The same teachers teach you for nine months

And yet while we are stuck in the same cycle for a few years

Life then suddenly changes before our eyes

A new school

New friends

New teachers

New memories

Same cycle