By: Emma Gerber


And suddenly

I saw the stars through my ceiling

The streetlamps on my street

I saw the cars whirling by

The ocean and the forest

The universe in my palm

I looked into your eyes

And for the first time,

I saw a soul.



You stood on a pedestal

In front of the lights

which lit up your face, your hair

The high points of your cheeks

The glimmer in your eye

And it was beautiful

The words came out of your mouth

And I could see them in the air

Like the northern lights

I wanted to reach out and grab them

To hold them forever

Your words filled my lungs

And warmed my soul

And it was beautiful



I don’t remember it

But it seems so close

The home I don’t remember

Home is where the heart is

That is what they say

But where my heart is

Is much too far away

Maybe someday I’ll sail the sea

I’ll climb the mountains

And go too far

To find that the home I always wanted

Was always in my heart