by Bailey Sparacia

Thor: Ragnarok, released on the 3rd of November, is a movie filled with action and comedy. Do not keep reading if you do not want to see spoilers, as there will be specific scenes from the movie mentioned. *This is your final warning!*

Personally, I love action and superhero movies. Since I also love comedy, this movie perfectly fit what I love to see. At the beginning of the movie, Thor is imprisoned by Surtur who is this giant flaming demon. He says that Odin, Thor’s father, is no longer on Asgard, which is Thor’s original home. Thor then beats Surtur and takes his helmet and returns to Asgard. Loki, also known as Thor’s adopted brother and the God of Mischief, was posing as Odin and Thor gets him to admit it by calling for his hammer towards Loki’s head.

They return to Earth to find Odin, but instead meet Doctor Strange. He puts Loki in a portal where he falls for 30 minutes and tells Thor where to find Odin. In a dramatic manner, Odin tells the brothers that their sister Hela, the Goddess of Death, will be let out once he dies. He then disappears off into the distance into a glittery essence and then out comes Hela. She destroys Thor’s hammer and then he finds himself on Sakaar, which is a garbage planet.

He is captured by a bounty hunter who he then realizes is a Valkyrior, who were a force of female warriors that were defeated by Hela years ago. Thor then is forced to compete against the Grandmaster’s champion who ends up being Hulk. Bruce Banner has been stuck as Hulk for two years and does not recognize Thor. They fight for a while but then Thor sees a vision of Odin standing there and then erupts into a ball of lightning and beats up hulk. This is cut short by the Grandmaster electrocuting Thor and letting Hulk win. Meanwhile, Hela destroys the Asgard army and raises the old soldiers who died long ago and her giant wolf that she used to fight along with.

Thor and Hulk have a very humorous scene fighting in Hulk’s room. They then escape and Hulk turns back into Bruce Banner once he sees a recording of Black Widow. Bounty Hunter 142, also known as the Valkyrior woman from earlier, decides to join Thor to beat Hela and captures Loki to prove her good faith. Thor tells a story where Loki turned into a snake as a child (Thor loved snakes) and turned back into himself to stab Thor. They devise a plan to steal one of the Grandmaster’s ships to escape. This is where the teaser scene of “Get Help” happens, which was a funny scene to watch. Loki then tries to betray Thor but Thor uses the electrocuting button thing that electrocuted Thor earlier to stop him. A battle scene ensues where they eventually escape and return to Asgard. Thor goes to fight Hela and Loki shows up with the Gladiators from Sakaar to fight the giant army of the dead.

The people of Asgard board the giant ship Loki brought, and Thor is fighting Hela in the castle. She burns one of his eyes, so now he is like his father in a way, and asks him, “What are you the God of again?” He then gets a look of lightning in his eyes and then a really cool battle scene goes on. Thor then realizes the only way to defeat his sister is to let Ragnarok happen. Loki goes and summons Surtur, the giant flaming demon that seemed irrelevant earlier, which seemingly kills Hela, and the people of Asgard escape. Thor then decides to take his people, now that he is King, to Earth.

With all the cool battle scenes and funny lines, this movie is one of the best superhero ones that I have personally seen. If you haven’t seen it already, I recommend that you do go and see it or wait for it to come out on DVD or however else you watch it. I would definitely see it again!