by Hannah Schmidt

Welcome back to the Dogs of HB! Here are more 5 adorable puppies to brighten your week!


Maggie, 10th grade:

Maizy (1 year old): Mini Goldendoodle

What is your dog’s favorite food?

Favorite food: she doesn’t like food (she’s weird) so it changes. Sometimes Blue Buffalo

Favorite memory: picking her up from the breeder and her sleeping on my lap all the way home


Hannah, 12th grade:

Winnie (2 years old): Lab

Favorite food: anything she steals

Favorite memory: When she gets in my bed to wake me up


Hannah, 11th grade:

Manny (9 years old): English Cocker Spaniel

Favorite food: Pasta and paper towels

Favorite memory: One day a few years ago we took him for a walk on a really muddy spring day. We all got super messy, but it was so much fun!


Daria, 11th grade:

Yoshi (2 years old): Lab/Border Collie mixed

Favorite food: Chicken

Favorite memory: When we took him to Patterson’s Farm when he was a little puppy and he got SO much attention… he was loving it.


Sophie, 12th grade:

Bentley (6 years old): Bichon Frise

Favorite food: salmon

Favorite memory: picking him up for the first time


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