by Isabelle Wyndham

As you know winter is coming which hopefully means snow and lots of it. My friends have been getting their licenses making this their first snowy drives. I was driving with a friend and as we were going down the road, it started snowing. While this was just a light snow, it was her first time. She got all excited and nervous! Driving in the snow definitely comes with more responsibility. I get my license right around this time next year, so I am going to have to drive in the snow as a beginner as well. I’ve thought about this lots! Here are some tips on how to stay safe on those icy roads:

  1. Don’t drive late at night. Dark streets and a tired driver can lead to dangerous situations, especially when 
  2. Don’t use cruise control, you might go slipping down the road.
  3. Watch the weather, if it is going to be bad, ask your parents to drive you. After all that’s what they are there for.
  4. Don’t drive too fast. Slow and steady wins the race.
  5. On hills, just be careful that’s all I gotta say.
  6. If a more experienced driver can drive, let them. It’s the safest way to go!
  7. Remember to pay attention to the way others are driving! You only have control over your own vehicle and must be aware of those who may not have the same skills!

Driving in these weather conditions can be scary, but it’s an important part of learning to drive. Just think of how easy it will seem next year and how great it will be once you have your license! Stay safe and let’s hope we get some snow!