Winter Break Bucket List

by Natalie Thornton and Kathy Wang

With exams coming up, don’t lose sight of the two weeks of freedom and opportunity that will follow. We have compiled a list for your convenience so that you can enjoy winter as much as we do!


If it snows this year…

  • Make a snow angel
  • Build a snow fort
  • Indulge yourself, but be sure not to eat the yellow portions


If there is no snow…

  • Cry
  • Move to Colorado or Antarctica, wherever you can find some
  • Pretend it is snowing, start a fire in your fireplace and knit yourself a nice pair of mittens


If you have friends…

  • Go ice-skating or skiing with all of your friends
  • Stay in and watch a movie with your friends
  • Have a snowball fight!
  • Photoshoot! (Look HAWT in the cold and do it for the ‘gram)
  • Go caroling together 🙂
  • Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with all of your friends


If you have no friends…

  • Go ice-skating or skiing by yourself
  • Stay in and watch a movie by yourself
  • Cry again (crying can be healthy!)
  • Build yourself some friends out of snow
  • Have a snowball fight with your new snow friends!
  • Take selfies with your snow friends and photoshop some celebrities in
  • Go caroling by yourself
  • Drown your feelings in hot chocolate


If you are dating someone…

  • Go ice-skating with them
  • Stay in and watch a movie with them
  • Rescue a puppy together in the snow
  • Have a photoshoot with them and said puppy (aka family photo shoot)
  • Dance to the Frank Sinatra holiday soundtrack by the fire
  • Share a hot chocolate together!