by Kate Hickey

Dear freshmen, I know you probably don’t want to think about that dreaded word we call “midterms,” but you can’t hide from it forever. Four midterms can seem overwhelming, but here’s a few tips I hope you’ll find helpful!

  1.     Get ahead

The most important thing about midterms is getting organized early. Waiting until the Sunday night before midterms is not wise (not that any of you would do such a thing)! Creating individual folders for each subject electronically is a fantastic way to compile all of your materials for an easier studying process. Collecting all of your material is also a great way to briefly revisit everything you’ve learned thus far in the year and remind you of what you need to study.

  1.     Create a Schedule for Studying

This is something that helped me immensely last year! Creating a color-coded schedule helps you manage your time and not get too tied down in one specific subject. It is very helpful to include short breaks in your studying schedule to ensure some down time for mental rest. This keeps you on track with studying but also allows you to manage your time effectively.

  1.     Eat breakfast!

This is so important! You could be the most well-prepared student in the world, but without breakfast, you could be reduced to nothing (probably not this severe)! This tip mostly pertains to the day of midterms but breakfast will keep you going and ensure mental sharpness!

  1.     Sleep!

Everyone knows about this tip, but the real concern is whether or not you’re getting enough of it! Now I know what you’re thinking, receiving an adequate amount of sleep is much easier said than done, but it really makes a tremendous difference! Work as hard as you can during the day to get your studying done, that way you can get to bed relatively early!

  1.     Be confident!

Relax! You’ve got this! You’re here for a reason! You’ve worked hard all year to get to this point, and chances are, you’ve done all you can to prepare- so all you can do is trust yourself! Statistics show that students with a negative attitude entering a test or final exam perform significantly worse than those with a positive attitude! Being nervous is acceptable, but being negative will only hurt you! Help yourself out and have some confidence! Good luck, not that any of you need it! Remember you’re not alone when you feel nervous. Just think, the less you stress, the more you’ll impress!


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